L’obiettivo è quello di offrire un servizio sempre più diversificato ai professionisti del settore.

Barzaghi Salotti was founded in 1953, it is an Italian artisan company that has been able to maintain its values and traditions over the years, paying attention to the development of the market that is becoming more and more global. In 1960 Barzaghi Salotti begins to expand by distributing its products covering most of the national territory. Mr. Luigi Barzaghi and Ugo Caslini were the proponents of this change that succeeded in maintaining a family reality also subsequently with the entry of the third generation that in 2007 took over the management of the company. The three members, Alberto Barzaghi, Elena Caslini and Manuela Barzaghi, have immediately take on different roles and responsibilities within the company, taking into consideration the sector best suited to their inclinations.

The main objective from the beginning is the “growth” focused on improving quality of the product and looking for the best materials, trying to expand in the national and international territory. All with expert and designers who participate with their experience to obtain an optimal result.

Over time It was thus created a vast and varied offer of sofas, armchairs, beds and complements: a gradual process of creation of a complete living environment, which revolves around the upholstery system, both for indoor or outdoor. In fact, alongside the day living has also developed the outdoor where specific fabrics weather resistant are adapted on forms already used for the interior. A double function that on one hand emphasizes the versatility of products and, on the other, creates design solutions that allow a greater fusion between indoor and outdoor. Great research is also destined to the choice of fabrics and leathers, always trying to create important collections that represent Barzaghi Salotti in a unique way.